July 26, 2017

At Zephan Luxury Soap, we have met many people who stray from bar soap, for a variety of reasons: “I am allergic to bar soap,” “I have always used liquid body wash” etc.

Take a look at the ingredients of a store-brand bar of soap, and you can see that there can be an upwards of 15+ ingredients. Many of these ingredients aren’t completely necessary or even good to be applying to your skin. After taking a closer look at a brand-name bar of soap, specifically engineered toward sensitive skin, we discovered that numerous ingredients were of some form of concern. For example, the ingredient Butylated Hydroxytoluene, is “suspected of causing skin or sense organ toxicity.” Why is this ingredient necessary in your soap? It’s not.

In our family we have a child who has very sensitive skin, and has to be careful about what products she uses. We found it ridiculous that there are ingredients put into skin-care products that could cause severe dryness and skin rashes.

So organic is the way to go.

At Zephan Luxury Soap, we only put in ingredients that are good for your skin. Shea and cocoa butter, and coconut and olive oil. We care for your skin like we care for our own.


June 13, 2017

Did you know that our soaps are not only human-friendly? They are also dog friendly! We care about our skin, as well as our furry members of the family. We tend to use our “Eucaphoria” bar for our two dogs, which is made with the essential oil Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is known for being a natural-bug repellent (perfect for our pups who play outside) as well as being effective to get rid of odor (also perfect for our pups!)

Check out our Eucaphoria bar in the shop!


June 12, 2017

According to the Neosporin company, about 35 million people are affected by Eczema.

When you go to a dermatologist and they examine your skin, unless they do skin tests, they are only giving you a diagnosis on what they see on the surface.

Doctors prescribe medications to get rid of the symptoms showing, which tend to be allergic reactions to something in your environment. Many times, people have come to me and said that I have cured them of an ailment, such an eczema. Instead, the soap is not curing them of their eczema or skin condition, they just are not allergic to the ingredients in my soap.

Just like we care about our family and friends skin, we care about yours too! That’s the main reason why Zephan Luxury Soap was started, to create a soap-line that was safe for everyone to use.

Zephan Luxury Soap is made with organic ingredients, which include olive and coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter.




*Zephan Luxury Soap does not claim to cure anything


By Melissa Hope | July 21, 2016

8 Mistakes You’re Making with Soap

Taking care of bar soap, and organic bar soap to add to that, may not be as obvious as it seems. There are many ways you can misuse your soap, causing it to deteriorate sooner than expected. With proper care, one regular-sized bar of soap can and should last you AT LEAST one month of daily washing. To help you accomplish longer lasting soap, we’ve come up with a list of 8 Mistakes You’re Making with Soap.

handmade soap facts - 8 mistakes you make with soap

The following list is our best advice to help you make an environment for your soap that allows you to experience its cleansing abilities as long as possible. Taking care of your organic bar soap is just about to get easier!

8 Mistakes You’re Making with Soap 

  • Using it Directly On Skin. As weird as it sounds, bar soaps should not be used directly on skin, especially in the shower! Bar soaps will deteriorate MUCH faster this way. Instead, use a face cloth or loofah. Rub the bar soap onto the face cloth or loofah (you only need to do this a few times) and then proceed to wash your body. The lather created will last for your entire shower!
  • Leaving it In Water. I know, this seems contradictory too, but bar soap cannot be left wet or it will wither away! Rinse it enough to create a strong lather (with your loofah or face cloth) and then place it in a spot where it won’t continue to get wet. Otherwise, much of your precious soap will be wasted down the drain!

handmade bath soap - organic soap bar with oats

  • Not Letting it Air Dry. Soap needs air to dry. The longer it stays wet, the more soap will dissolve into the dish or go down the drain and be wasted. Leave your soap in a dry spot away from constant usage. This, however, does not mean putting in the sun (as extensive sunlight can cause discoloration in soap overtime).
  • Forgetting the Net. If you want to exfoliate with several different kinds of soap, the best way to do so is by using a small mesh netting to hold pieces of soap. This provides easy application and storage. Don’t forget to hang your mesh soap bag in a dry area when it is not in use.
  • Not Using a Soap Dish. Ventilated soap dishes are the lifesavers of soap. They provide the perfect place for soap to dry without sticking to the dish. In your shower, place your soap dish far away from any water spray. For an even better dry, pat down your wet soap with a face cloth. This not only dries the soap but it applies soap to your face cloth – ready for washing!
  • Storing Different Scents Together. There’s nothing more disappointing than picking up your favorite floral soap to find its smell has been tainted by the cinnamon scent next to it. Make sure you store soaps with similar scents together to keep their scents strong.
  • Keeping Soap in the Package. All store-bought soaps must be packaged in some form, whether it’s put into a fancy box or just wrapped in paper, but they should not stay that way. Soaps need to breathe or else they will sweat! Even if you are not using your soap immediately upon buying, unwrap your bar soap from its packaging and store in a cool, dry place.
  • Using Multiple Full Bars at Once. If you’re the kind of person who likes to try a new flavor of soap on the weekly (or daily!), then cut your soap into pieces. It can be sad to see that beautifully designed bar go into shreds, but it will last much longer this way. You can try a new piece every time you shower. No need to worry about storing all these soap pieces as they will be used up by the time your shower is done! Don’t forget to use a mesh net if you want exfoliation as well!

There you have it! 8 Mistakes you may have been making with your soap – but no more! Keep up to date with our blog to learn more about handmade soap facts, and how you could be bettering your skin with just one bar of handmade bath soap. Comment below if we have missed anything. Happy washing! Your luxury awaits.




July 1, 2016

Hi there! Funny story today: I was making soap like any other day. Usually I don’t allow any distractions, however, I allowed myself to be distracted today… and I didn’t zero out my scale after placing the container of sodium hydroxide on it. (I add the sodium hydroxide to water, then a pitcher of the combination of both into ice water to cool down. I add this to the heated oil, mix both, and then we have soap!) This allowed me to incorrectly measure my ingredients… Now instead of soap, I made these beautiful bars of goo. Anyone want some goo bars? You don’t even need water right? Sometimes you just have to laugh at these things. Here’s hoping for a more successful loaf of soap tomorrow!

handmade bath soap - cream and purple designed organic soap


In other news, I recently just order 50 lbs of bentonite clay! I am excited to start experimenting with clay mask cleansers! Stay tuned. Have a great weekend everybody and Happy Independence Day on Monday! 🙂




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