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  • This soap is wonderful. I have used shower gel my entire life so I didn’t know what to expect although the bar smells and feels great but after using it I am not sure if I can go back ! The oils feel so soothing and I even used it as a shaving cream and it was so much better than a store brand shaving cream… no skin irritation which I normally always get with shaving. So glad to have found it because this cashier doesn’t get a lot of luxury

  • Every winter, my hands become like sandpaper. They crack, are dried out, bleed and hurt! I started using Zephan Organic Soap in the hopes of helping. After just three days, my hands feel amazing! They are at least 85% better, soft and not cracking. I can’t wait to see how they are after a few weeks! This soap is amazing! Thank you so much!

  • Met Lisa Marie and what a delightful person! Bought soaps for Christmas gifts and of course, one for me:-) Loved the way it leaves my skin and even tried as shampoo as Lisa Marie suggested. Hair soft and shiny. Thank you!

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