• I was on vacation in July and was greatly delighted to find this charming store. I am now out of scrubbing salts. Have you been able to figure out the shipping for them yet? (Mine did leak a little on my way home) It was such a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to doing more business with you.

    Rene’ Treece

    • Rene, I haven’t figured out an economical way of send scrubbing salts because of the nature of the packaging. Jars cost much more to ship and finding reliable manufactures is a lengthy process. These are little issues that unfortunately can take awhile to resolve because I am a one woman show here. Until I get those issued addressed I will refrain from letting anymore go traveling. It is my aim to continually improve upon the brand Zephan, be is soap, body butters or bath salts . My goal is to be the provider of the best personal hygiene products that can be made. And I can do this only because of the feedback from people such as yourself. Thank you for taking the time to share. As soon as I have those kinks figured out – You will be the first to know.


  • Looove these soaps! They smell sooo good and they last a long time. There is never a soapy film left on my skin. They make my skin feel silky. Lisa Marie is a SWEETHEART! So generous!

  • I purchase this soap because it smells great and calms my crazy allergic skin. The owner is lovely and has free samples too. I travel 20 min one way to buy here.

  • I had the lovely opportunity to try the Zephan luxury soap brand. I tried the Lavender Shire . My family loved it. I think it is totally worth the price , because of the following factors: the produst is completely natural and we dont have to be worried about harmful chemicals affecting our skin, the fragrances used are incredible and calming and last but not the least, it leaves the skin well nourished and glowing. All in all I think it has a perfect balance of beauty and nourishment. Thanks and looking foward to trying more of the Zephan brand.

    Meena, West Melbourne, Fl

  • I now use “Zephan Luxury Soap, True Krissy, scent free”, elusively in my
    daily shower. I use it head to toe including my hair. It is really scent
    free and does not trigger my allergies. It makes lots of lather and cleans
    well, even when my hands are dirty from gardening.
    I recommend that you try it, I think that you will like it.

  • Met you last week and loving my soap!!! Loving the soap sock as well haven’t had to use lotion which is huge since I live in Boston and the weather is terribly dry. Definitely buying more !!

  • I stopped into your store with my husband when we on an excision from our cruise in October. I talked with owner for a long time and she was very friendly and informative. We bought a soap and a sample and took them back to Pittsburgh with us. I cant say enough woundeful things about the soap! My skin is so soft and my eczema, which has been terrible for the past 5 months, is almost gone!! I love this soap and will be ordering it online from now on. I am only hoping one day for lotions and a Pittsburgh location because I love everything I have tried!!!

  • I absolutely love this soap! Who knew you could wash your hair with bar soap? I think it’s fabulous. I also love the fact the ingredients are all organic/natural. My skin feels great and my hair looks good.

  • Absolutely love these soaps. Took me a while to try them, but now I’m hooked on them. Love the way they leave my skin and how easily it lathers. Thank you Lisa-Marie!!

  • Thank you Lisa-Marie. You were a joy to meet! You have a great heart to make a healthier soap for people and still keeping your organic soaps at a more affordable cost (and lots of free samples for everyone you met). I tried your Cinnamon soap, with my husband in mind, and he agreed to try it! We both loved how refreshing the scent was-it stayed just as fresh thru the life of the bar. But I believe our favorite was how rich the soap was when using it. I loved how rich and creamy the lather felt and left our skin feeling so soft and healthy-even my face. Also, Lisa-Marie, I took your info to heart and tried it as a shampoo and absolutely Loved how clean my hair felt and smelled! Loved it! Again, Thank You for the heart you pour into making this wonderful soap with top quality/healthy ingredients and keeping the cost pleasant, as well! πŸ™‚ Best Wishes for a prosperous present and future! God bless you all and your business for your giving heart!

  • I picked my soap up locally. It was easy and quick she even gave me samples! The sample of coral reef is actually my favorite now and the next one I am going to order. I could tell a with in three days that my skin was clearing up. Other soaps are to harsh on my skin but these organic soaps do the trick.

  • Please add me to ur mailing list..saw ur comment re saving the Orangutans. .to Not use Palm oil..thank you…

    • You’re welcome Gwen. A customer at the Farmers market told me about the plight of the Orangutan because of global demand for Palm oil. I did my own research and found it out to be true. I don’t know any orangutans personally, but I still prefer them over any money I could make selling soap with palm oil in it. πŸ™‚

  • I got 3 coral reef, 1 cedar island, 1 gardinia and 1 true krissy. I gave 2 as gifts…and 3 disappeared after i showed friends my favorite new soap.

    Try it. Love it . Tell your friends.

  • I like these soaps because 1) each batch is hand crafted with care by Lisa Marie, personally 2) it smells real nice (we’re using Cassini Beach right now. Mahogany scent is manly and brisk) 3) my daughter’s favorite is Confetti because it is so colorful (She’s only 9, give her a break)

  • Met ya’ll today in Rockledge at the craft fair. Out of all the soaps there, yours were the best smelling and had the best ingredients. I bought the Lavonshire.

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